Focus:  Where To Kneel

It can be rightly said that all men bow their knee to someone or something—even if it is only something as vain and foolish as their own ego.  If you want to know the character of a person, the quality of his or her life—the trustworthiness of their word—find out to what they bend their knee. Where a person worships you will find their heart. 

When God first sends His Son into the world, He does not send Him as a great conquering King riding gloriously out of the skies.  Knowing our need, God sent Him first in the utter humiliation of a peasant baby.  You see, we were not yet ready for the conquering King.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m very sure that is what we would have preferred—our pride would rather kneel at a glorious throne than a dirty stable.  But the problem with pride is soon it will not wish to kneel even at a glorious throne. 

Pride is a discontented spirit that will ultimately turn on anything above it, even if it once admired it.  It turns ever inward toward inglorious self no matter how much beauty and wonder surrounds it.  Pride is increasingly nearsighted and blind...




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