FOCUS: Following Jesus

In John chapter 4, Jesus determines that He needs to go through Samaria.  Now no Rabbi worth his Torah would go through there!  You always went the long way around to keep away from those half-breeds and unclean sinners.  This is a very big social issue of pride and prejudice.  But Jesus is cutting a new way.

He needs to go through Samaria.  Why?  He knew there was a revival that needed to happen at Sychar.  Also, I believe, equally the disciples needed to go through Samaria and learn the new ways of Jesus about valuing all people and cutting new paths around pride and prejudice. 

When they get to Sychar, the disciples leave Jesus safe at the well.  They go into town to find some lunch.  They may have thought they were doing Jesus a favor leaving Him at the well.  After all, He wouldn’t have to interact with any sinful Samaritans.

But Jesus is one up on them.  He is consenting to wait at the well because He knows He has an important appointment; He is planning an encounter.  And if the disciples had known who He was planning on interacting with they would have been outraged...(Continue)







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