FOCUS: Remembering In Heaven

We have already made the point in our study a few weeks ago that the Heavenly perspective will allow us to remember our past lives more accurately and without sorrow.  We will not have some kind of Heavenly amnesia, or earthly specific Alzheimer syndrome in Heaven.  Our indestructible joy will be a matter of knowledge and completed perspective, not ignorance.

In fact, when you realize that Heaven is the place of absolute truth, where no lie is ever allowed to enter, then you begin to realize how important it will be for us to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

For example: the Greek word for truth, alhqeia, is formed from two Greek expressions.  The first is a, which is a negation when put in front of a word.  It comes over in the same way even into our English words.  (For example, theist is one who believes in God.  Atheist is one who does not believe in God.) 

Alhqeia is this kind of word.  The primary word is, lhqw or lhqeia, which means, to forget or to escape notice.  When you add a to the front of lhqeia, it means, Not to forget, or Not to escape notice... 




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