FOCUS:  Being Normal

We often confuse the normal with the common.  For example, Jesus is truly the normal man in the sense of what God intends mankind to be.  However, He is far from common in the sense of what we normally experience mankind to be.

The stunning thing is that Jesus is calling every believer to take on His kind of normalcy.  The Scriptures make it clear that we are to become “like Christ” and be “conformed to His image.”  But what does that look like?  Well, it requires many points of transformation.  For example, Jesus called His disciples—and us—to live with a faith that is very uncommon yet evidently is what He considers normal.  

Jesus is constantly stunned and amazed at how little faith the common, everyday person actually has.  A common reproof on the lips of Jesus to His disciples or others around Him was, “O you of little faith,” or, “Where is your faith?”  And again, the Gospels will record His astonishment, “He was amazed at their lack of faith.” or His answer to a question as to why they had failed, “Because you have so little faith.” or His stunned retort, “Do you still have no faith?”

Jesus’ very demeanor clearly indicates that He considers this an unnatural and unacceptable condition.   The Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) alone have 31 references to Jesus teaching, rebuking, observing and commenting on faith.

In other words, to be truly normal, according to Jesus, we should have no distrust, suspicion or resistance at all toward God.  Our perception and faith should always include Him as the key solution to all life’s issues.  We should be available for Him to manifest Himself and His power through continually.

Unfortunately, our fallen nature finds it natural to be suspicious, questioning, reluctant and downright stubborn in this issue of trusting God and exercising practical, daily faith.  This is where we truly need to be made a new creation.  We need the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives so we actually can

become normal, like Jesus. Jesus told His disciples that when the Holy Spirit came on them they would become so normal that they

would do the very things He had done and would even do greater things! (cf. John 14:12)  Very uncommon!  But it sounds like normal would be a very exciting way to live!

… Pastor Gary

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