FOCUS:  Where Are They Now?  Or, Which Heaven?

When someone we love has died and we know they are a believer in Jesus Christ, we will often say to our children, ourselves and to others, “They are in Heaven now.”  Of course, that is true.  Yet, in another sense it needs some qualifications.

The Heaven we are going to live in for all eternity does not yet exist from our human, time-bound point of view.  In fact, there is every Scriptural reason to believe that the redeemed, after the Great White Throne Judgment, will have the privilege of observing the resurrection and rebirth of this new creation standing in their glorified bodies (For example, cf. the unfolding chronology of Revelation 20:11—21:8).

Prior to the final heavens and earth, in which there will be no sickness, no crying, death or mourning, there will also be a 1000-year Paradise in which Christ and the resurrected saints will rule the present earth.  However, while the non-glorified human lifespan will be greatly increased during this period, and much of the curse pushed back by the very personal presence of the Creator in the Person of King Jesus, there will still be death and ultimately a sinful rebellion which God will overthrown with fire at the end of this age (cf. Revelations 20:1-10)...






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