FOCUS: The Cry Of Your Heart

Believer, your heart naturally cries for a personal relationship with God: real fellowship and real knowledge as friend with friend—face to face, up close and personal friendship.  Yet, at the same time—if you are paying attention to your deepest longings and needs—you could never be happy with anything less than an infinite God who is telling a great and infinite story in which you are included.

Knowing God has to be an eternal adventure.  You will have many arrivals in your journey with Him, but never a final arrival where there is no more beauty to discover, no more wonder to explore. 

The very creation that God has promised you—a very material/physical new heaven and New Earth—will offer ever-expanding adventure.  Because of your glorified body and glorified perception, which will perceive not only the material realm but also the spiritual realm perfectly, you will never be anywhere, even at the new universe’s farthest frontiers, where God’s fellowship and presence will not be perfectly present with you and immediately available to you... 





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