FOCUS: “A Life of Success” or “A Life of Significance”

There are three ways you can experience “LIFE.” You can spend it selfishly (by spending all your time, talent, and treasure on all your own desires, wants, and needs). You can waste it carelessly (by wasting all your time, talent, and treasure on unnecessary and temporal things). You can invest it selflessly (by investing all your time, talent, and treasure into things and people that will produce an eternal dividend or reward).

Every day we exchange our “LIFE” for something! There’s no way around it; you can’t avoid it, trick it, or short-change it. When it’s all said and done we all will have experienced “LIFE” in one of these three ways (selfishly, carelessly, or selflessly).

How will you use the precious gift of “LIFE” that God has entrusted to you? Will you spend it selfishly, waste it carelessly, or invest it wisely?....






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