FOCUS: Oh, Say, Can You See?

As Israel, during the Exodus, was approaching the Promised Land, Moses sent 12 men to investigate the land.  In Numbers chapter 13 and 14, the account of what they found and how they reported to the people is recorded.  It is not a pretty scene.

The land was wonderful.  But there were giants in the land and strong, walled cities.  All 12 spies—as they are often called—saw the giants and the great fortifications of their cities.  However, 2 of these 12 men saw something else that the others did not see:  They saw God.

While 10 of the men are busy organizing a committee to select a leader to take them back to Egypt and have the whole nation weeping and wailing over the travesty of coming this far with God only to realize that taking the land was far too much for them to handle, Joshua and Caleb try to bring some realistic perspective to this out-of-control situation.

Joshua and Caleb tell the people,...Continued









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